We, Unlike Them

We, Unlike Them So unlike an ostrich who buries head in sand we marvel and we wonder about our cherished land we laugh when we are happy we cry at funerals; mourn we feel pain of our conscience we smile at babies born we chaff when we are counseled we cheer the times we win … More We, Unlike Them

Keep Apace

A shaking of the nations is now taking place! Precious pearls eagerly rolling into eternity’s life’s race. Yet, sidelining distractions persist to prevent our keeping apace. So, lace up your footgear tightly so as not to trip up without rising then ball up, tearing unsightly becoming utterly disgraced. A roaring lion has already predicted our … More Keep Apace

Five Minutes to Midnight on the Domsday Clock

Contest: Five Minutes to Midnight on the Doomsday Clock As we experience, witness, hear, read of mankind’s woes a darkness envelopes sensitive souls but emboldens those who cash in on misery, opportunity, for power or control. So the tick-tock of the doomsday clock back and forth goes, but who really knows the future of man … More Five Minutes to Midnight on the Domsday Clock

A Wise Course

A Wise Course A tit-for-tat epithet for an individual that feels morally inclined to perform actions of judgment divine in nature, yet not seated in position superior defined through authority appointed judicial in kind as stated: “Let every person be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the … More A Wise Course


Transformed (contest ‘Therefore, I urge you…’ Rom. 12:1-2 70 Words) “Wickedness, greed, and badness, being full of envy, murder, strife,” cloaked by darkness; threatened, life precious. Down this path chosen a mind or heart mistakenly thinks ‘in control’. Yet, called ‘children of wrath’ makes a strong statement: disobedient, a belligerent soul. But when we “quit … More Transformed


Blessings Imagine yourself simply strolling down a hill when suddenly you hear something instilling fear you pick up your pace, to the side decided to leap when you felt a rush of love overtake you a spectacular wave sweeps you up and carries you body surfing on joyful tears. Blessings like these promised to overtake … More Blessings