Ever Wondered: What Does He Think?

Ever Wondered: What Does He Think? McClintock and Strong statedthe truth: the date is all wrong.They provided proof.I watch them allfrom my place in heavensaying they love my SonI’d provided; I’d given.And yes,Sincere heartsI do observe.But, commercialismis also a gratein my nerves.Though, faithfulnessI do lovemany are contentmy desires to shoveaside. As if of no value.Giving … More Ever Wondered: What Does He Think?

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Nine (first draft)

https://allpoetry.com/story/13633105-The-Apocalypse–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Thirty-Eight–first-draf-by-Lucretia-Mccloud Kim and Sabrina arrived to the hospital with Korean guards already set in place. A round-the-clock family vigil lovingly displayed, yet laced by an invisible black veil separating Wayne from his other spiritual family members eyed with disgust, disdain as they sat together in the lobby respectfully silent armed with flowers or with hands … More The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Nine (first draft)

https://allpoetry.com/story/13603518-The-Apocalypse–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Thirty-Two–first-draft–by-Lucretia-MccloudWith Wayne downout of commissionSabrina decided to whip up a sweet remedybarring his father’s permission.^A healthy white bean chicken soupSabrina did prepare.It simmeringas she hurriedly washed her hair.Dressed casually in floral corduroy jumperwith swede boots and jacket brown matched.Her outfit donned with utmost caresince Wayne’s father with themher lunch plus Kimchi and rice wouldhopefullydeliciouslyshare.Sabrina with … More

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Eight (first draft)

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Eight (first draft) https://allpoetry.com/story/13626321-The-Apocalypse–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Thirty-Seven–first-draf-by-Lucretia-Mccloud “Sabrina, wake up!” Kim shook her excitedly from sleep. “We must get to the hospital,” she urges Sabrina. “Wayne was just brought into emergency,” her words bearing a repeat. “What?… Emergency!” Sabrina wakes suddenly aching of head. Yet, springs up throwing off her quilt then hurriedly … More The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Eight (first draft)

‘A River of Waters of Life’

‘A River of Waters of Life’ Exists a turbulent dark thunderous seachurning up seaweed, plus mire.Wicked ones lacking calmness. No rest. Any.Yet, true peace, meek ones desire.Yes.“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth;for the former… passed away”.Wicked to “shrivel like green new grass.” Firth-less.Hope in Jah. Forever. Stay.For,“There is no peace,” says … More ‘A River of Waters of Life’

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Seven (first draft)

https://allpoetry.com/poem/13624747-The-Apocalypse–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Thirty-Six–first-draft–by-Lucretia-Mccloud Kim worried about Sabrina’s constant confine in her husband’s chair, in his library, before a roaring fire for days on end now in a comatose state of mind since Wayne’s sudden disappearance. Wayne’s dad sought everywhere with expensive detectives for personal and ardent hire. Kim turned on a small television for general news as … More The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Seven (first draft)

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Five (first draft)

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Six (first draft) https://allpoetry.com/poem/13621564-The-Apocalypse–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Thirty-Five–first-draft-by-Lucretia-Mccloud Sabrina rose with her nose a touch cold though she’d been buried under a thick worn quilted comforter long ago lovingly sown from Asian and American family members’ garments outgrown worn and torn then stitched and reborn to keep growing childish bones from becoming froze. Slipping … More The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Five (first draft)