The-Apocalypse–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Forty-Seven–first-draft–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Forty-Seven–first-draft-by-Lucretia-Mccloud Slippage of tears from beneath Wayne’s lids became noticed by a father aroused from sleep. Now, focused, fleet on silent feet he reached Wayne’s hospital bed to enthusiastically kiss and caress his wrapped cool forehead sweet. Unfamiliar to Wayne; especially in his father’s constant repeat. Since often as not, males in his family learn … More The-Apocalypse–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Forty-Seven–first-draft

Aristotle Visited

Aristotle Visited Contest Bits and Bytes of Science (Haibun) first draft In a recent philosophical excursion to Greece, Aristotle, influenced by Greek mathematician-philosopher Pythagoras (sixth century B.C.E.) I imagined having met. With his establishing a library in the Lyceum, I did intellectually and joyfully connect. We conversed about what he taught Alexander the Great, as … More Aristotle Visited

Days To Come!

Days To Come! Heard the roar of rushing waters rising centuries to distant clouds. Heard the screams; the mothers retching doubled over in piercing bows. Ripped apart the hearts of many. Grief in tragic overload. Since: Toted carts of parts of any in caverns dark their bodies blown, after blood bought then sold cheaply. No … More Days To Come!

Comfort From Heaven (for contest: Letter From Heaven) first draft

Comfort From Heaven (for contest: Letter From Heaven) first draft “I long for your salvation, For your word is my hope. “My eyes long for your saying While I say: “When will you comfort me?” Ps. 119:81, 82. Just how do I cope with this grief crippling my heart every second of every day? They … More Comfort From Heaven (for contest: Letter From Heaven) first draft


Time As a ribbon old and tattered or new and whole blows in breezes tranquil at times rapidly fast or blissfully slow forward until visually seen by passing eyes no more it still goes… endless while beneath a globe spins seasons warm, cold and then autumn a beautiful blend of colors once vibrant, becoming muted … More Time

The Apocalypse — A Revelation Chapter Forty-Seven

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Seven (first draft)–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Forty-Six-by-Lucretia-Mccloud If Sabrina and Mr. Kang had awakened in time they would’ve seen Wayne’s tears showing activity in mind. Instead, they slept on in weariness drained their hearts and heads as Wayne’s continued thinking ability began beating him discouraged, where just recently his love for Sabrina his … More The Apocalypse — A Revelation Chapter Forty-Seven–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Forty-Five–first-draft–by-Lucretia-Mccloud “Don’t go far off,” Pablo pleadingly did say. Mirrored words from Wayne’s heart to Sabrina’s dozing nearby indeed he replayed, as he fought physically to arise from a deep haze to a delicious rebirth–an induced medical coma his utmost devotion spoken delayed. Three weeks, he did abide wretchedly inside wanting to touch, tease, taste … More


Heart-to-Heart How real is he do you feel his words as sweet honey a healing to weary bones? Did eyes, heavy hearts rise heaven-high as warring body torn immerged reborn to live life selfless; as really free liberated to eternity whether heavenly or earthly it should prove to be? Or would you rather be left … More Heart-to-Heart