Tomorrow’s Game

    Overhead heard not a word with brakes screeching around the curve sharp and bitter to one’s hearing initially, a causing fear the tracks casting darkness long-lasting as a breeze whips up combined, sublime fragrances of business dames toting all the famous wealthy names, as China-town duplicates with dimes slim fingers nimble eyes squinting … More Tomorrow’s Game

When Tomorrow Comes!

When Tomorrow Comes!   [ edit ] When ultimatelytomorrow arrives soon, in the best time, although, we twist turn in ernest concern wallowing now in deep sorrow, no longer will anxious cries consume precious hearts and minds. Who will deny we will wish for no more tomorrows. For today’s desires of tomorrows exist in daily … More When Tomorrow Comes!

Greed’s Spread of Deadly Weeds

Greed scatters belligerent seeds worldwide in amounts little and great indeed, not impeding hatred’s fast-spreading weeds; “from large-scale diamond trading by military and political leaders to village-level pillage by youths with guns.” Even the children tote weaponry, though, not-in-fun. “Civil wars… cruel, bloody operations… result in thousands of deaths, sexual assaults, forced exile and, in … More Greed’s Spread of Deadly Weeds


Tick tock
the clock.

No reversals; no stop
whether we sail or whether we dock.

The clock keeps tocking
while nations keep rocking the boat

gloating over tragedies; widening the moat.

So harsh the sound of human failures.
Splashing the oceans with oily endeavors.
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Dear Mortals

An ever lengthening smoky train
traveling iron rails
transmitting high voltage
of celebrities who’ve curried fame
then jetting rockets sparked their name
as fleeting stars once overhung
and rising ones still overhang. … More Dear Mortals


Lashing out; haphazardly crashing violently against many sin urchins under these moonless skies

buoyed by those previously sunk or sadly sinking amidst a turbulent sea of restless humanity

salty seaweed I swallowed

often substance until I’d eventually drown; sometimes praying: “just let me die!” as the cries and moans of my generational peers drone mournfully on and on … More Nevermore

Leah’s Eyes

Leah’s Eyes   [ edit ] I. Unloved as heat on a desert plain Upon my breast no favor claimed As in a tent cuddled she cooed Her beauty my position shooed As chaff on a swirling twirling wind. My lot as second commences. Ends. II. In the twilight of our lives Forgotten deceitful lies … More Leah’s Eyes