Our Earth

Earth– arable land of which Adam came; from which we plant, fish, game. The same land of which is said: “He has established the earth on its foundations; It will not be moved from its place forever and ever.” Even though, on it, millions have bled fighting for ‘rights’ when the wrong minds led. Flat … More Our Earth

Be It So!

A wind blows where it wants to go. Gentle or strong, you do not know when or where it will of itself show. Its’ direction changes; its’ flow rearranges like trends of men tried yesterday or long ago. Yet, there is One who many do not acknowledge; on whom honor does not bestow. Although, He … More Be It So!


Enlightened Beauteous; now the petals unfold under the warmth of the sun; behold as dew moistens thirsty outsides to in. Slowly the edges unfurl to even jaded eyes befriend. Each flower: Chrysanthemums, Tulips, Lilies, the Rose Poinsettias, Narcissus, Laurels–uncommon? Exists One who knows all bent over in anguish yes, crippled by winds. Yet, a breeze … More Enlightened

A Real Life

A Real Life (Contest: Choose Your Quote) No more dreading to leave your bed. Each day a journey… “What lies ahead?” No need the question: “How do you feel?” Gone migraine throbbings non-relieved by pills. Anxiety for life’s necessities? A faint remembrance of a loathsome disease. Wars–train rides express to death? Now bereft Graveyards as … More A Real Life

[ Angels themselves desired to peer ] Angels themselves desired to peer into this finality soon to appear affecting gloriously mankind’s gifted sphere. True peace and security upon this earth attained here Under the ‘Morning Star’s’ guidance not by sadly dying humans, capable claimed though each one as an ember consumed became after the last … More