Sweet Words

Sweet Words Your words were sweet. A treat like honey dripping onto a parched tongue. When actions weak showed one come undone. Your words were sweet. Uplifted me like a balloon to a brightening sky. When just before I’d pray to die. Your words were sweet. Magnificently heard like a trumpeter heralding a king. Sublime … More Sweet Words

Show Us Favor

Show Us Favor Show us favor I do implore. Show us favor all the more for You know how You have formed us: “Remembering that we are dust.” Ps. 103:14. Show us favor I do plead. Show us favor during our anxiety: “As for mortal man, his days are like those of grass; He blooms … More Show Us Favor

Not Like Cain

‘Not like Cain’ (contest: Cain and Abel 1st draft) Cain and Abel. A human tragedy protraying Satan’s hatred for righteousness in any degree. As when he later slayed his brother Jesus. But retracted this heinous act when resurrected Christ to heaven,… wouldn’t you agree? First nailed to a tree until dead. Then three days later… … More Not Like Cain

No Greater Love

‘No Greater Love’ (contest: The Greatest Sacrifice 1st draft) Young and old shouted joyfully as Christ rode into Jerusalem upon a colt: “Save, we pray! Blessed is the one who comes in Jehovah’s name!” Mark 11:9. On the road before him placing outer garments and leaves paving his way. Hands cutting down branches swiftly, in … More No Greater Love

Reigns of Trust

Reigns of Trust Love is learned. Seen. By watching Intently. Through creation even gleaned. A duck with her duckings, Cats with their kittens, Lionesses with their cubs On the Serengeti Plain under vigilant gaze Of an African king. Pride approaches Nuzzles Strokes… his golden mane. In our families Can we imitate This love Respect Designed … More Reigns of Trust

Famine No More

Famine No More Famine. Internationally Scourges our land. Often manmade. Globally its span. Rooted in war, envy, greed. Children especially Innocent victims In terrible need. Malnutrition, pestilence. Ending in death. While abundance elsewhere Cries, “Injustice! Theft!” But scales of justice Balanced soon. Although now a time Of writhing gloom: “There will be food shortages… in … More Famine No More

Life’s Seasons

Life’s Seasons (Contest:Life) Special breed. Seeds. Individual blooms. Rain. Sun. Carefully pruned, left ungroomed? Free to climb flowering vine. Limbs to uplift or choke? Unkind. Lass, laddie, bloke granted amazing gift– Utterly divine. Storms strip leaves dry, lusterless. Diseased. Yet, attached flourishes foliage flexible bending in ease, deep roots burrowing further. Nutrients extract. Brevity series … More Life’s Seasons

[ Children playing on the tracks ] Children playing on the tracks distracted by games, bullies or just having funsince day in and out no train comes whether in rain or sun. Signs posted overhead faded cracked, never read. When a shrill whistle begins to blow most ignore as they felt they were in the … More