“Tablet of Their Heart”

‘ Tablet of Their Heart’ (contest Tablet – Georgespeechley) Breeds treachery, yes, deceitful its constant lovely throbbing beat. Desperate. Yes. Impeachable. Seeking shadowy haunting treats– deliciously swallowed poisons dripping slowly, traversing veins coiling as tainted ink through sons taught treason until death attains. “Look! There are those saying to me: “Where is the word of … More “Tablet of Their Heart”

Decried. Why?

Decried. Why? (contest Prejudice – brevity 40 words or less – Jayati) Amazingly Smiles lost… What cost to turn lips’ end tips heavenward? Why stop quickly this joyful endeavor? … Dropping happiness because of inner struggles mimicking wicked waves angry agitated seas. What ‘pasts’ tosses tranquil thoughts In encounters with me? Show impartiality. 40 words … More Decried. Why?

A Poet’s Aim

A Poet’s Aim As sharpened arrow prepped with ‘Bow’ not strung inept. Hunted ‘dearly’ ‘models’ to motivate a poet’s words thoughtfully begun in times ancient when downed many suns… Candles burning in hearts afire glowing like embers floating… In flight upwards under darkened skies of ‘what-fors’… Our forever ‘whys’ asked in nightly searches… Moaning. Groaning… … More A Poet’s Aim

Earthbound . . . Peace

Earthbound . . . Peace (Contest 25 words , 5 lettered each – Hoping Artsy) Teach ‘Truth’… Ruler, child Jesus’ Birth would allow… ‘right’ fight. Cease? Sword, wrong. Alarm–night. Occur? Peace! Exist– world ’round. Earth bound. Value worth Pearl: Sound. 25 words Peace on Earth—How Will It Come? https://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/questions/peace-on-earth-how/ contest 25 words , 5 lettered … More Earthbound . . . Peace

My Son

My Son My Son, desired a wife to seek? True search your heart if groomed for two. If thoughts of you always do peak then settle now till selfish through. If traveling through a narrow gate your skip is light and so refined then you must choose to navigate alone, not sad, your state of … More My Son

Red Tides

Red Tides (Contest Red – Ss poetry The colour Red) O what ironic rosy beauty of the blooms! Blossoming rapidly algae dinoflagellates belly-upping fish, oysters, squid, clams, mussels, shrimps, and crabs which did on these dinoflagellates ignorantly consume. During a harmful red tide strike, floats great numbers of fish dead! A blight. With fish may … More Red Tides

The Dinosaurs–I’m Sorry, Thank you and Please

The DINOSAURS–I’m Sorry, Thank you and Please POWERFUL. Their presence Commanded the earth. Beautifully… their girth Birthed to Coerce; Humbled many to Move; Bow out… in a sense; Due to Respect, Not Terror. I suspect… in recompense. Today…. many unearth to reclaim; dust off; Lift up to Proclaim– these Relics. Genteel… Really their game. Their … More The Dinosaurs–I’m Sorry, Thank you and Please