They “Saw”

They “Saw”
by Lucretia Mccloud aka Seah Greenhorn
(poem with copyright)
rain-bowed horizons dawned bright
in mental sight before varied black graves
an international plight as “man dominates man” to injuries

not everlasting, since they saw afar off futures under vine and fig trees

their own homes with nursing babies near cobra lairs

no one clothed in arrogant ‘airs’

lazing or occupied in enjoyable works

art, music, poetry touching universal hearts

joined in brotherhood they stood facing the lion’s den or burned at stake for refusing to lay down his word

helped them conceive

“kingdom realities”–

no more sickness, mourning

as buried


for eternity mankind heeds principles of honesty, loyalty, trust
in the Almighty.

He cares for us providing rain, sun.
His Son. A reigning king

to end

human inequalities.

Peace and security to endless be
under Jah’s Sovereignty

they ‘saw’
those in memorial tombs
coming back to life

no strife

“the former things
have passed away.”



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