Earth Reclaimed

Earth Reclaimed


of a Golden Age
or Blessed Era
of Sinlessness


among Egyptians, Mexicans, Peruvians, and Tibetans too.

They also spoke of tragedy:

A Fall Into Sin

where deep darkness begins
to drive the Light of Righteous
to flicker

and die

growing nations
feeding no hungry

to try to rekindle
a worthy fire
or zeal

for cultivating

Gardens of fruitages


like posies
of meekness and peace
and roses of
simply kind.

Though distorted
yes… embellished, these stories grew
yet many common threads weave harmoniously through

verifying, not coincidence,
but ‘Truth.’

Were world accounts tied to historical events?

Indeed, does not an image

mirroring Genesis’s
of mankind’s descent

lacking the mystery
and vagueness of fantasy;
but embedded with specifics
which validate authenticity

heaven sent?

Over time
prophecy revealed
this message of hope
multitudes of meek
to thrill.

This Light

travelled up a mountainous hill
lighting the way back
to man’s beginning–

with families taught
God’s will and purpose

where dangerous were naught.

His Son spoke of Blessings
future fulfilled:

Meek to inherit
and spiritually hungry

under a Kingdom established
to finish Father’s will:

“Be fruitful and become many,”

Yes… “fill
the earth.” With future
Son’s of God

with Christ to reign,

since only these
and not angels
can understand

mankind’s now suffering
and pain in all our land.

Yes, a victory over Death
the struggling righteous
will gain.


Harmony between
heaven and earth




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