“The Former Things Will Not Be Called to Mind”

“The Former Things Will Not Be Called To Mind”


Does it swirl like a cesspool in wasteful whirl:

the life you led in youth
or wicked choices you foolishly made

in your mind relived daily
as a twisted tragedy

a tornado

instead of enjoying
days and nights
as a gem



as a ancestral
watch or pearl?

What prevents your happiness?
Your peace of mind?
Your sense of ease?

Is your past also your future
causing weakness to your knees?

Some think death is a door to silence
the wails of sadness;

is a way to calm the demon storm,
when a door to a beautiful future
is the reason you were born.


imperfection is a curse to mankind
for a father’s selfishness.

But a self-sacrificing love
to restore humankind

A Greater Father
on it did insist.

So read and meditate upon this prophecy.
And keep it in your heart to find

a secure and joyful horizon
eliminating the darkness
you can leave behind:

“For look! I am creating new heavens and a new earth;
And the former things will not be called to mind,
Nor will they come up into the heart.”

Are not these words an indication
of a wonderful world in which to come.

Seek to know
why Jah to you gives this promise.

Since to Loving-kindness
He Is Inclined.



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