Dear Mortals


An ever lengthening smoky train
traveling iron rails
transmitting high voltage
of celebrities who’ve curried famethen jetting rockets sparked their name
as fleeting stars once overhung
and rising ones still overhang.Black holes created from departed souls:
David, Vanity, Prince, Chyna
and vast many more

present to past

who knocked firmly
and Death answered.

No friend; yet he welcomes all
through his wide solid door with space enough to envelope the whole of humanity

If persisted
this course of insanity.

One black horse gallops
hard and fast. His speedy
hooves we can’t out race.
Neither outlast.

Both young and old,
the strong, the weak,
the shy, and bold
eventually peace do seek

inside the casket.

transporting too
through vaults those who
the pale horse famine forced
into the house of mourning.

Still others bang
upon it’s portals
without warning

riding tides
that flooded them,
trembling on earth
that swallowed them,
scorched by flames
that torched them.

This is what happens
to us:

Dear Mortals.

From dust we are…

But, from dust we will return…

To Be Continued….


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