red rose

Lashing out; haphazardly crashing violently against many sin urchins under these moonless skies

buoyed by those previously sunk or sadly sinking amidst a turbulent sea of restless humanity

salty seaweed I swallowed

often substance until I’d eventually drown; sometimes praying: “just let me die!” as the cries and moans of my generational peers drone mournfully on and on

relentless groans crippling sanity with blinding fear

stilled; did not swim.

Thus I landed a crumpled soul after being washed ashore by hateful waves that pummeled my body black, blue and sore.

No longer young and bold, though…

did not conceive I’d begun to abhor

breeding within
a dark terrifying demon sowed doubts cast about existence
and “why’s” thought senseless;

only supposedly
the “uneducated” adore.

But crawling along the sands, in time I wafted after
a wift of smoke, since of a craving for living the scent bespoke.

An ember did embed, indeed lodged
in my aching/bleeding member.

A message did hit; a spark then lit an elucidating light for me always to cherish;

since heard His Word
inscribed promises that stirred,

did not choke hope, as joy is abundantly preferred.

Yes, a flame ignited my frame: Eternal Life on a paradisiac earth prophetically proclaimed. No more wickedness the humble to harass.

Adamic death to be devoured.
The now courageous empowered; no longer cowering from various callous slave owners who thrashed them relentless.

Thus, beneath a brilliant Son’s gaze, as life-inducing rays, I grew to be a rose, despite my thorns, to bloom among a bouquet of variant colored obedient righteously inclined ones.

Nevermore… to wearily wilt, then eventually wane
subsequently, even eternally . . . perish.


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