Self-control … A Hero

Self-control … A Hero



As a Red kite aspires to fly higher still
his wings tilted upwards
life requires us to acquire patience skills:

“For everything there is an appointed time…,
a time to keep and a time to throw away”

too many marbles rolling to the edges

frays a soul; kills merriness of mind,
love, objectivity and desires to portray

sincerely kind.

Also, time has hands, yet, not to hold back its pace.
So too anxiety cannot it control. By vision,

a night owl into twilight sent,

we garbage not organizational value; preparation keeps our focus;
gates disastrous actions from thieving precious moments
in prisons and hospitals spent. Yes, to maintain inner equilibrium,
keep impatience tamed.

Wisdom exercised bars life’s unexpected actors from appearing
uninvited onto our stage, behaving erratically to erupt in us rage.
Since patient calm cultivated as fruitage supreme,
makes self-control a hero; and us a spiritual-being.


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