Greed’s Spread of Deadly Weeds



scatters belligerent seeds
worldwide in amounts little and great

indeed, not impeding hatred’s fast-spreading weeds;

“from large-scale diamond trading by military and political leaders to village-level pillage by youths with guns.”

Even the children tote weaponry, though, not-in-fun.

“Civil wars…

cruel, bloody operations… result in thousands of deaths, sexual assaults, forced exile and, in the most extreme cases, genocide,” notes Spanish historian Julián Casanova.

This internationally a crime when greed kills cooperation.

Millions of children have lost their lives, due to greed’s hunger for power or pride.

Under no bushes protection came;
since civil unrest is never a game.

Casualties dealt from exploding land mines create further causes for doctors and nurses. The lines eternal for suffering to end.

Until when will Greed be allowed to flourish and win?

Even, daily, greed grips mankind.

A throw away world is selfish; not kind. With wastefulness trashing families and friends in expedient relationships and no time to lend

compassionate giving and quality spends of hours and moments on which love depends.

On sustenance and covering we can Live fine. Because happiness and contentment relieves greed’s stronghold on anxious-filled minds.

So, should we endeavor to gain more and more, if giving is not our desire?

Why not place greed on our list to abhor.


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