Like A String Strung of Precious Pearls

music and pearls

Words once of Vladimir Lenin rung
unlike the Tsar Bell in Moscow Kremlin hungin public air spun
by the Soviet Union’s first leader

a few years before shot
bled the Royal family
sadly dead,

this wondrous statement
gratefully heard said:

“Everybody must be perfectly free,
not only to profess whatever religion he pleases,
but also to spread or change his religion.

No official should have the right
even to ask anyone about his religion:

that is a matter for each person’s conscience
and no one has any right to interfere.”

Marvelous words birdlike flung
for persons blessed with free-will
yet, law-abiding

thankful to hear.

Now as a Russian gravel hard hits its mark
heavy laid
millions of joined hearts

as round the globe this story is sold

’bout freedoms lost for libels told.

Banned their books;
chained halls with locks

blocked entry
honest-hearted ones to flock

as democracy is total mocked.

Will this decision your religion’s freedom rock?

Or is this lone group to remain shocked
for falsities contrived

meaning shelves of literature no longer stocked
although peace loving, our brothers


facing artillery cocked?

‘Anti-extremist’ called,
to shame;

though crossing national borders

their works humanitarian


Now we fight to keep spirits high
not in defeat maimed.


A new justification to claim

as prayers spiral as perfumed incense
glorious to heaven in Christ’s beloved name.

An international brotherhood

will carry on doing God’s will
as frolicking sheep following their fine shepherd

even obediently

although, fabricated evidence
dishonestly placed

caused decisions on untruths to debase
a upright politically neutral race

living in adherence to authorities gracing turbulent soil.

We hope this day liberty not to slay

a guarantee of Your freedoms

and your children’s freedoms
forever to spoil.

For the Russian Federation
“is a federation of nations,

a mosaic of tribes, tongues, and peoples,
each with its unique culture.”

Part of a World
growing smaller

by its loving
harmonious connections.

Like a string strung of precious pearls.


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