Bells attest to classes renewed.
Literacy, instructions, education to imbue a populace happy
or entirely non-enthused.Done vacations
till this semester ends.

Teacher’s indigestion
or anxiety not to rescind unless attuned to that minority
on which energies delighted hopes do pend

as curriculum planners dedicatedly do pen

for them that inspire their juices to flow
as seeds of accurate knowledge planted in heart-fields
need water to grow.

Educator’s create appetites for learning
on which nations depend.

Yes, a bell regularly, daily does ding
prompting students studious
their intellect to bring.

On this type audience
earnest effort instructors
willingly bestow

since focus is forced as others delay
in heartfelt reluctance of reasons to stay

quiet and learn,

although questions are encouraged
for wisdom to burn joyful plus heated in desire of life
to aspire

in generosity
plus hospitably
to live. For greater joy exists in giving
forgiveness too;

reliefs us of hatred that’s killing our usefulness due
also to
our enemies.

To free the kite before the storm
lends itself to watch it lift lovely and free

to forget the rift
allow our hearts to be open with glee
to receive love’s gift

obtainable to all willing humanity.

But other students wonder:

Just what is the point?… In hell I will burn,
is what Sunday taught;

though honestly, they wondered: “Isn’t God Love?
With Christ’s blood

weren’t we bought?”

Intelligent, the ponderings
of which religious leaders ought to biblically explain.

let’s return to the educational plane where teachers distraught
wrangle with patience to earn the paupers stipend on necessities to spend
while itching for increased wages undeservedly spurned.

Violence erupts;
police are called;

young ones are hungry;
or not medicated. Appalling
the situations of humankind.

Still walls confine all varieties within,
as some act like prisoners doing time

whereas others hope to find
a cure to mankind’s tragic state of mind.

These lend their ears to alumni that succeeded. Not wanting to repeat failures, bad examples they heeded.

Applied principles to procure a future better, more secure, though nuisances and insolences were at times painfully endured.

Priorities set freed them to false allegiances ignore. As stigmas borne strengthened spines erect to be adorned with clothes of dignity.

However, more exams do come
placed before somewhat fretful faces
from which many sadly retreat.

To failure succumb,
since ignorant of any tests’ value.

Yet, ones who studied with purpose
at least sit with a degree of ease of consciousness

confident that teacher’s diligence
plus personal efforts

propel them to finish
life’s strenuous

To the time when the entire educational system is replaced
by One developing an universal righteous organization designed to elevate the heavens and the earth to its original perfect station.

Thankful, then, all will be as part of the Creator’s glorious creation.



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