Act I: Sunrise. Moon cannot too.
Clean slates commence new day.Babies coo; adolescents boo
since learning delays play.

Adults in ardent work delight;
fulfilled an honest trust.

While animals wild resist light;
await in darkness; lust.

As words are spewed and acts imbued
with kindnesses in mind.

The flesh is weak, imperfect true.
Resist errs done in kind.

Grass bent in breeze reflect true ease
as sun provides its shine.

Sunset: Artistic masterpiece.
Forgiving freely–Divine!

Arise all eyes to awesome skies!
Breathtaking each event.

Thundering warnings don’t despise.
Rain heals dried soil. Repent.

Blossoms are born in dirt; reprise.
Love conquers all! Relent.


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