BALAAM lived near modern-day #Iraq


Near #Tell Deir Alla, just north of the Biblical river #Jabbok, archeologists unearthed fragments of plaster enscribed with ancient #Semitic writings. The fragments were dated, compiled and deciphered.

#Andre Lemaire, you know, the French researcher, states Biblical Archeology Review, the Sept/Oct 1985 issue, explains that the inscriptions on the fragments submitted to radiocarbon dating tests were to be dated…get this! c. 800 B.C. (+ or – 70 yrs.)

So he did exist!

The inscriptions,  part of a fairly lengthy wall, were made available for public reading 2,800 years ago. Though written 700 years after the events, Balaam was obviously accepted as a historical figure and prophet, who lived near modern-day #Iraq.

Yes, Balaam’s ass, of Numbers chapter 22, did actually talk!

This just emphasizes the fact that we can read Bible accounts and accept them as #Truth.




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