Balaam Part II


BALAAM lived near modern-day #Iraq


In yesterday’s blog entitled: BALAAM lived near modern-day Iraq, we established a basis for skeptics to believe in the Bible account in Numbers chapter 22 of Balaam and his donkey that spoke up for his self under the Creator Jehovah’s direction.

Okay … so why are we back to this biblical account, you ask?

Well, the story has practical value for us today. As we read of Balaam’s story, various characters exist for us to identify with, either good or bad.

A little background info here…

Unbeknownst to the large Israelite nation, who had recently been freed from Egyptian slavery, gentile nations plotted their annihilation, since they saw this group had Divine backing. (This is the Jews previous life history because, as God’s then chosen people, God’s enemy Satan would Always wreak havoc upon them. It’s his nature even to this day.)

Okay, back to Balaam.

The prophet, diviner, was very familiar with Jehovah–the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, because he lived in the region. So he saw first-hand God’s blessings and dealings with this group. So when called upon to curse them he should have just outright rejected the job.

Are there not some jobs that maybe we too should just outright reject based upon principles of honesty, moral values, etc.?

However, it is sometimes difficult to do when our heart becomes engaged. Notice how this happens to Balaam when he is commissioned by King Balak of Moab.

First…Balak strokes Balaam’s ego:

“For I well know that the one whom you bless is blessed and the one whom you cursed is cursed.” Nu 22:6.

Balaam’s pride is now involved.  Also, his Greed. Notice vs. 7 says:

“The elders of Moab and the elders of Midian traveled with the fee for divination in their hands and went to Balaam.”

Remember, Balaam knew of Jehovah’s feelings for Israel;  that he blessed them because of Abraham. Vs. 12.

So, verse 13 explains that Balaam did Not go because of Jehovah’s refusal to let him go. But, the messengers saw that Balaam’s Heart was not in the decision. That is why, in verse 15, King Balak sent a more prestigious entourage and ‘Mo Money’.

“For I will honor you greatly and I will do anything you tell me to do.” Balak said.

Since King Balak knows he will be defeated if Balaam does not curse the Israelites, does He have anything to lose with his False promises?

Should Balaam have even inquired of Jehovah?

Why would Jehovah change his mind?

Balaam knew; he said in verse 18:

“If Balak were to give me his own house full of silver and gold, I could not do anything Beyond the order of Jehovah God, whether small or great.”

Yet…his Desire made him say in verse 19:

“But please stay here tonight also, so that I may learn what else Jehovah will tell me.”

What else was there for Jehovah to tell him?

Verse 20 shows, Jehovah Did let him go, though stipulated:

“But you may speak only the words that I will tell you to say.”

This is where we pick up with Balaam skipping off thinking he has made some headway towards his desire.

So now you may be wondering … then why let him go?

That will be Part III…


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