Results from Rebellion Are Temporary

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

In the land of Shinar, Nimrod his name.
Most likely under his strict direction
a tower they built; then famous became
rebelling against Godly submission.

Wrote Josephus: “Nimrod transformed… affairs.”
Threatened revenge, if earth inundated.
Tyranny his tool as arrogant airs
against Almighty God he instigated.

The Tower of Babel built to rise high
above any destructive waters planned.
No more as slaves. Determined not to die.
Eager to construct a building God banned.

Nimrod. Son of Cush. A mighty hunter.
But in the end, who hears his thunder?

Today, rebellion’s worldwide promoted
as in Shinar, false worship restarted.
God’s sovereignty hated and demoted
as false religion plays its shameful part.

“A celebrated name” their goal to share.
Self-glorification–sad selfishness.
The Almighty’s fame not their loving care.
Their aim: Destroy his sublime righteousness.

The Creator frustrated their desires.
Confused their tongues. Subjugated their plans.
Shattered ideas. Not able to conspire.
Contrary worship to God ages spanned.

Yet, true worship survives constant duress.
Meek ones strengthened to pass loyalty’s test.


nimrodtower of babel



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