Imagine a Reversal


A teacher helping fidgety students pass a rainy recess with a familiar game — don’t touch the floor, it’s lava! — finds that the ability to pretend takes on an unexpected gravity.

via ‘Because pretending was sometimes the only way to get through the day.’ — Longreads

This story poignantly told, a tragic account of our day, occurring on a regularity we wish not reminds me of mankind’s longing for the soon fulfillment of the following:

“He will swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces. The reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth, for Jehovah himself has spoken it.” Isaiah 25:8.

Instead of death spewing heated over mankind like hot lava or even silently deadly caused by insidious poisons breathed in daily, . . . imagine a reversal. Death swallowed into a black hole causing happiness instead to radiate on renewed youthful faces. Lines of anxiety permanently erased; replaced, no longer by hope, since hope has been accomplished. Left to eternally remain: Love.

No more the need to pretend to get through the day.

Coming soon!



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