Father Speaks

“Such fun
ancient lust
and practiced sin!

Who cares in dirt
finale’s end?”


words of naïve

of narcissistic
or hopeless bend

slapping the face
of benevolence;

shooting in hatred


“Why search for hidden gold

when my soul thirsts for
flowing rancid,

hungers after

accessible bold?”

Is not tunnel
this selfish vision?

Lacking sense

this dark hapless
doomed decision?

Where’s the love
for what’s been gotten?

Why for another
you’ve become besotted?

Is my magnanimous spirit
so rotten?

My generosity

to be forgotten?

Swap your boot
from another’s foot.

Rip open your heart
for a wiser look.

“The heart is treacherous
who can know it?”

My love is as an ocean…

Relax your gloat.
Yes, learn to flow it.

Follow my righteous
trustworthy commands.

Then, on you an eternity:
I will bestow it.

On a cleansed land
you can live.

Your progeny?

Can Forever Stand.


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