No Mere Dream


as if
not in enough pain…

what statements made
by insane
acts of wickedness?

what gain’s actually attained?

intense or subtle

yes anger profound
is all that is felt by horrific tragedies
supposedly human yet demonically dealt.


hands of the wicked one
hold power,


this “god of this system of things”
grows bolder than bold

as blood of our young ones
is crazily splattered in these constant
brutal attacks

to the wicked spirits love doesn’t matter
since their progeny lost in centuries back

when a flood took their seed
they experienced lack.

blinding minds
so ‘truth’ doesn’t unfold

these wicked ones once God’s sons
would rather mankind goad into chaos extreme

with sighing and groaning
with horrors and screams

to stifle all hopes

our visions for the future.

Hold fast to faith
not blind
by any means.

God’s Kingdom has promised
earth violence to clean

wickedness to rid

eternal righteousness to glean.

“while we keep our eyes,
not on the things seen,

but on the things unseen.

For the things seen are temporary,

but the things unseen
are everlasting.


“And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.

And the One seated on the throne said:

I am making all things new.”

Also he says:

for these words are faithful and true.”

This coming soon
all nations obedient to the King
will harmoniously sing:

“Let God’s Kingdom

Eternally Reign!”

Let all suffering today know:

This Is No Mere Fantasy!
This Is No Mere Dream.


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