Death tramples only withered old oaks,

weeping willows of wearied widows,

not airborne arrogant,
boastful bold wealthy wizards

or brilliant talents sporting gold?

No, this starving steed hurries greedily in pursuit of newborns, youth, great, small, you, me all consumed as heat of his travels
gravel aggravates at irrepressible seen speed

or stealthily, leisurely in shadows at an almost regal gait

it twirls, then hurls away complete towns
or drowns cities while survivors of wrathful rising waters
anxiously wait

it arrives at the party early, late
chopping down hospitable hosts or grateful guests
while bystanders rock on weakened knees
their souls wracked by sobbing bleeds

at the beach a strong swimmers’ body becomes victim to waves, bites, a gallbladder attack cramping ability currents to fight

as death gulps down the blood of the wrong
the right, the innocent, the warriors expending all their collective might

sent into battle
blessed by a God divided? One who is sided against progeny created? Then toasted eternally for partaking of lustful desires
or disobedience to laws he lovingly dictated?

doesn’t eternally wobble
because of doctorates

or traditional creeds proclaimed true
by pagans plus Christians designed to appease
a mass of divergent humanity.

False religion
hatred and lies
long ago perpetrated

pupated by a covetous spirit son

a traitorous rebellion
he initially instigated

whether of him
one believes or not
he spins a ruse

to exist a God of Love?
He does confuse.

daily a Creator’s existence
is Divinely perceived

by variant breezes,
awe-inspiring black holes,

by ice glaciers,
by pigeons or human
in high hidden coves

faithful ‘thinkers’ not by theories deceived
as ‘truth’ refreshes even hardened atheists crumbled by life’s agonies relieved since a ‘valid’ hope eases spirits crippled by pain and disease

(said: “There are no atheists in foxholes.” Although, true, foxholes make atheists. Do.)

abundant knowledge of ‘truth’,

is gratefully received by humbled
honest-hearted ones internationally

these meek ones pleased to praise a righteous ruler
this earth to retrieve and cleanse of injustices, which wicked ones do gleefully breed.

Science and history has provided clear proof.

death will be conquered
along with demons spreading libel seeds.

An eternal victory in heaven or earth
will belong to those giving God’s King and Kingdom
faithful, loyal and loving heed.

This new strong
God-backed Government–
Theocratic indeed

Born in the heavens.

Already given righteous birth.

It is God’s purpose
to fulfill all humanity’s
literal and spiritual



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