Wisdom Divine


a beauty in wisdom.

Rises as flowing ribbons caught on a current
to faraway valleys,

streams forth to curry favor in prestigious courts;

extolled before regal presences of princes,
queens, kings of new

recanting values stored in urns old,
as ‘apples of gold’
spoken treasures.

Mortal man of various hues of earthen clay,
who felt injustice flay the flesh, yet dream to walk the balance beam of fairness

we praise as wise

since they dare to create a multi-national
humane loving scene

despite a darkness growing extreme.

But, as doves ascending to bluer skies, ascending higher
than mortal heart’s eyes

Divine Wisdom

which transcends our intelligent,
though imperfect minds

condescends to touch meek souls
who scour the earth for it;

who love it. Cherish it.
Plus, live it: Bold.

And when encased in motives pure,

imbued as fragrant incense
infusing races to understanding a ‘will to do’.

Divinely wise ones shall never perish if divine wisdom
eternally, loyal servants esteem as pearls precious
to graciously adorn

not as human waste better buried

or distasteful gifts often sold;
hatefully scorned.


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