“Take the Lead”

‘Take the Lead’

In brotherly love
have tender affection for one another.
In showing honor to one another,
take the lead.””Take the lead.”
“Take the lead.”

If these words stand out
have we not overshot the bull’s-eye of Paul’s words

“Have tender affection for one another.”

Tender as filet mignon easy to…
Not on your brother.

Should we not grease him down
with healing words

as we do with cute kittens,
little puppies?

Even if poor, limping,
blind to advantages others find
to open life’s necessities’ door
more easily?

If in the lead
can we extend back a hand in speed?

Not keep score
counting paces between you and them
who we haven’t yet learned to adore?

Isn’t equality as humans what we should seek for?

Not necessarily of material advantages
of what we speak.

not shoving, but loving
showing “honor to one another”?

Is this the way I “take the lead”?

Based on Romans 12:10 © 18 minutes ago, Lucretia Mccloud 

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