An Enemy To Friend

An Enemy To Friend

In Love Begins
by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)
An Enemy To Friend
In Love Begins.

Simple acts
of smoothing oil–

precious gold,

bruised, tormented,
weary souls.

For where else is patience found
if not harnessed to Love and seeded in grounds of sometimes belligerent soil?

Or what of self-control, if hate is king and Love is sold?

Would not violence abolish
any loving, organized,
brotherly goals?

Shall we speak of joy?

No voice to sing
if Love is silent
then no bell rings.

The dove of Peace will dive to die
if lies persist
to rise then fly.

Long-suffering too,
long overdue,
will bury it’s head
as ostriches supposedly do
if Love does not
eagerly pursue.

Yes, Love lends kindness
hearts and hands
lifting all races in every land.

And goodness
Love helps to expand
not only to needy
on no legs to stand.

“A mild tongue” too “can break a bone”
to reset in Love and in faith hone
into skills of ambassadors
unity prone.

Love shouldn’t
proceed alone
along lonely trails,
as hatred walks.

Qualities Divine
Love Won’t balk.

So end tired
hypocritical talk.

From Enemy to Friend:
Let’s earnestly stalk.


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