He Was Always

He Was Always


He was always
from creation’s beginning
an exact reflection of brilliant lightlove
supreme might.

He was always a son beloved
under a benevolent gaze beaming
since obedient to parental directions loving
he esteemed His Father as The Ultimate Being.

First born of all. Lover of righteousness.
A spiritual son of myriads to follow.

A heavenly brother
exhibiting a humble disposition

demonstrating no arrogant
belittling criticisms
for siblings

difficult to swallow.


as thirst-quenching water
from a glorious crystal stream
when parched after efforts strenuous

imperfect ours deemed.

He was always
polished as a diamond
gleaming brighter insight
even when crushed under pressuring extremes

earnest prayer required to finish his fight.

His life sacrificed
a beauteous gift given
then raised back to this highly glorified position

permitting a threaded connection
with a comforting Father
if sins acknowledged,
then heartfelt in petition
to be mercifully forgiven.

Upon life-giving food spiritual
allow oneself to be fed.

Unlike some disobedient
once spiritual brothers
who abused their free-will
allowing satanic thoughts to corrupt their hearts
by dark desires then led.

Yet, when rebellion heavenly occurred
this first-born Son in loyalty anointed to cleanse
his Father’s abode of a disobedient disruptive third.

Now we live during a time of magnificent revealing
though a period of churning upheaval
as a veil to justice


but shepherded as sheep
or goat herds in future divided
by actions exhibited
after hearing God’s word provided

Our choices made
show all
who our inclinations prefer
as ruler, as king.

But only through Jah’s First-born
will real peace and security
to our universe



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