“The Nations Shall Know”



In constant arms of changing seasons rolling


along rocky
mountainous terrains
as downstream rivers.

Or cascading as waterfalls.

Never backwoods
in reverse.

Though felt:

of thrown sludge.

Recycling of poisoned cesspools
worthlessly contained.


moves sloth slow in the minds of children wanting.

Or like a sled speedy
on steep hills towards cliffs
into deep silent darkness

our elders
of this unknowing knowing.

it stands still.

For ones in agony aching

those confined
or broken down in abject slavery
to unemployment
to paralyzing illness

as alcohol or drugs numbs conscious waning
of time’s precious presence.

Time is


though actors or poets command the stage
mouthing previous proverbs or inciting revolutions

derived from famous mentors
canonized or plagerized. Their words or actions rebirthed from books, journals, magazines;

unearthed from dusty libraries.

Individuals old and poor traversingtheir aisles of fossils and relics;
while cafes and hot spots retrieve memorable events
from the clouds

somber tombs
and quiet
flowered or weedy graves
hold remnants
of human gods

Mists appearing and disappearing.
A sad occurrence in this organic domain.

boundaries pushed.

energies overcame.

Astronauts shoot past gravity
into beautiful heavenly lights
endless space.

Man’s intelligence and persistence,

at times,
walls and barriers

But at other times,
on this
our still marvelous earth

greed replaces natural love
of babies born and coddled at a leisurely pace.

Older ones, widows and orphans
many wealthy shamefully overlook.

As, foreclosures and divorces increase sadly,
as loyalty becomes a luxury
no longer a necessity.


Easy to forsake;
tragically the impatient ones forsook
Patience’s graciousness.

But, our young and naïve
still grow

contrive to mimic
their short-lived
artificial stars.
Peaking like fireworks.

Be the ones to hire then fire

until the year they eagerly retire; more sooner than later
then their idols.
Yet, like them
to unwillingly weaken, darken, and expire.

Their memories too recorded,
but above the clouds.

Yes, past personalities and endeavors
encrypted DNA


as loving memorabilia
in this Spirit’s
heart and mind

(The Creator
who purposes

which are
the sole capability
of man)

to reinstate
on an Earth

those whose
imperfection’s strength
caused definite

to ensue.

causing others to stray–


and all in
the Kingdom’s way
Will soon be gone
at His Demand.

Righteous and unrighteous
of humankind

Will be reestablished.
Their way of life
To be redefined

As they come to know Him
or better know him.
The goal: Him to seek and find

Not in imitation of leaders who
purport sincerity of meekness and kind.

For, like money felt, smelt, scrutinized
by hands, ears, eyes, noses that know
counterfeit fails to pass as genuine quality;

Time reveals all.

Authentic like the moon consistently… Truth Glows.

The Giver of

“Every good gift and every perfect present comes from the Father of the celestial lights,

who does not vary
or change

like the shifting shadows.”

By Him We Want
To BE Known.

‘I see you; have seen you.
I know you’

He’s Shown.

“Now to the King of Eternity,

the Only God,

Be Honor and Glory

Forever and Ever.

The Nation’s Shall Know Him
His Glorious name:


His King Enthroned:
Jesus, His Father’s Sovereignty
to soon


Now Being Proclaimed.

He Is Someone
We All Will Know.

We Must
purchase a seat
to Survive,

This Coming Show.

2 Tim. 2:18, 19; James 1:17; Isa. 45:18; Psalm 37:9-11, 29. Eccl. 1:4.


Historical Persons


It is time to develop myself by learning something new.

Your task is to teach me things or aspects I don’t already know about a historical person, who has for some reason impressed you. Even better if the person is someone I was not previously conscious of, but whom I *should* know in order to possess a better understanding of humankind.

The person in question can be an intellectual, an artist, a writer, a poet, a scientist, a political or religious leader, an inventor, an entrepreneur, or anyone else of significance. Doesn’t need to be all famous. But it should be someone particular, who existed and whom I can search for and find information about if I wanted.

Your poem should demonstrate some more insight than what is superficially known of some great man or woman. Preferably, someone whose life or works you have at one point studied to the point of an eerie feeling that his/her ghost whispers memories to you.

Make me feel you wanted me to know about this person. © a year ago, Lucretia Mccloud


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