Flight of the Blue Butterfly

Flight of the Blue Butterfly


As society news spins warped wobbly wheels
emotions tech connected plummet
to splay across low-growing vegetation
drying out on our acidic soils
spoiled by gurgling blood of our brothers
pathetically spilledeach day swirling into midnight blue

spines weakened to knees finally bent
in earnest prayer for violence to relent its flourish
although many still refuse

for false stars sparkle
eyes of fragile vassals
foolishly relishing a glow

fleeting their soar
into a black hole to perish
since obedience’s a bore

genuine care

a majority vulnerable
afraid to trust
in darkness to share

when a baby carriage left unattended
causes terror

even attended blasting buildings
scaring kings who parade before paupers

total hearts rapid beating to bust;

yet, blue stays the hue of sky

among blooming blue marsh gentians
butterflies feel secure

land after flying into the dainty flowers of bog heather
assured their babies to rise

when caterpillar-turned-butterfly dashes
a twig does climb
to save limbs, not die

stretching glorious wings
to dry after a year’s fight to survive
butterfly blue flaps wings first time
to flutter high above the heath!

to brighten our hopeful eyes

as within days they mate
to again cycle eternal birth

spun again their search
for more tall blue marsh gentian

imitating progeny joyful too

since parents chose
this loving Creator

beautifully extending
a future imbued with prolific peace
sweet security ensured

under righteous tranquility:
‘new heavens’ our ‘heath’

on a cleansed

‘new earth’.

“Hope in Jehovah and follow his way,
And he will exalt you to take possession of the earth.
When the wicked are done away with,

you will see it.”

Butterflies, Plants, and Ants—A Vital Connection https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/102001365?q=blue&p=par

Psalm 37:34.
© 11 hours ago, Lucretia Mccloud    hope poemslove poemspain poemsnature poemssad poems


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