“A Mighty Man”


Splaying alongside tranquil streams
fostering ‘arrows’ to glide amidst starry skies

bethink wise words divine to ring:

“Look! Sons are an inheritance from Jehovah;
the fruit of the womb is a reward.”

Precious beings in Heavenly Father’s eyes.

“Like arrows in the hand of a mighty man,
So are the sons of one’s youth.” A treasure grand.

Therefore, a mighty man’s carnal desire
should not culpability fling to hot winds many ‘sons’ to sire.

Sense: he must string the bow:
prepare, protect, powerfully direct
his ‘arrows’ to flow a journey’s success to maturity grow.

As shafts carved by loving hands
of lightweight wood make straight to land
give tips wisdom sharp to pierce the heart.

Provide end feathers to weather life’s stormy start.

Do not steer blind avoiding serious faults
for your progeny will then tragically miss the mark.

For “foolishness is tied up with the heart of a boy.”
Remove discipline then will flee parental joy.

Yes, “an understanding son is observing the law.”
However, “bad associations spoil useful habits.”
This weary warriors worldwide sadly saw.

So a mighty mans’ plan: hold arrows taut by trained gentle commands.

Bend bows steady guided by a Creator’s beneficial demands.

Precious ‘arrows’ aimed do reach goals priceless eternal.

But, “if a servant is pampered from his youth,
He will become thankless later on.”
Though, possessing a beauty blinding,

but only external.


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