Soon To Be



With each glorious hued sunrise new
vitality erupts; no wickedness corrupts
total energy, youthful strength as a gazelle’s

No more to dread portions meager.
No more to thirst for water eager
with rivers rushing sparkling clean
with minds elevated no actions mean.

All risings, not up-risings, dedicated to offering
knees bent, heads humbly bowed too
in gratitude bestowing His Sovereignty
whole-souled love, devotion–owing.

Held this awesome Majesty in high esteem
for what He deemed His Grand Purpose:
Universal Harmony.

Angels plus international human beings
brothers. Bound shoulder-to-shoulder loving
uplifting one another, after the ‘The Ancient of Days’ redeemed
sinful mankind with a sacrifice of his beloved angelic son.
Reversal of sin’s ruinous effects His loving obedience faithful testimony bought;

yes, victory over death everlastingly won.

So life after every magnificent sunset ended
and a new day begun will only better to better get
as a Master Worker beside a Father sets
His Purpose for peace and security
forever. His name not to forget
after permitting mankind’s imperfect rulership
this earth to almost unequivocally upset.

Now and forevermore this case of rulership to beget an end to questions like: Why Are We Here? For life eternal with no hazardous externals to cause us ultimately to fear:

path closed to future perfection,
untimely deaths,
mourning, depression or just unhappy tears

makes it perfectly clear:

To Worship the Almighty
happy, content with family plus friends
eternally spent working, wedding, banqueting
with loved ones near and dear

Is Why Jesus Christ down to this land was
unselfishly sent.



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