Woman of Faith


Woman of Faith

Yes, “the customary thing
with women is upon me.”

It flowed rivers miserably
twelve years! Like eternity!

Rotated this ritual
cycled female’s occurrence.

Seven days unclean unless
an abnormal endurance

with two turtledoves offered
before–cleansing performance.

“She will be unclean during
all the days of her discharge”.

Faded energy; procuring.
Avoiding everyone at large.

For daily I do abstain.
Yet, always I do proclaim:

My love, please retreat from me
due to my impurity!

For lying with a woman
during her natural flow…

Inadvertent, did not know!

But, if done deliberate
killed both… No expiate

under The Mosaic Law
until Christ fulfilled it all.


“So, life revolved about chores.
Daily doctors, soiled linens I abhorred.

Though, family I adored
isolated kept me indoors.


Virtually insane.

the seconds,
into minutes, months, then years.

Many times crying
into woolen balls
my tears

flowed. Relentless
my stress,
my duress

trying to alleviate
divest myself
of this horrific mess.

In the process, I heard His name.
Regaled, stories of cures; claimed–

miracles. To Him all came.

Jesus did not hesitate

as thousands related in detail

how sweet and pure
his nature.

Unhypocritically, He taught others
to, in love, participate.

‘The One’

forsaking none.

Even over demons
He did prevail.

So I ventured into the crowds

not feeling proud

till the time I touched his hem
for I kept saying:

“If I touch just his outer garments,
I will get well.”

Then suddenly it did occur
after many plans and praying!

No more overflow from me did stem!

He turned, then said
not secreted, but spoken aloud:

“Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace,
and be healed from your grievous sickness.”

Your faith has made you well.”

No more wallowing in my weaknesses.


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