History recycles
pages of honored phrases on parchment,
linen, paper even disc

straight as an arrow
through thin to thick brains
titillating hazy cranial ends

from sane to insane

linking wacky
with intelligent bends
to mystify

claiming ‘truth’
it insists
while ‘obvious’ staunchly defends.

Yes, twisting into confusion
as tall green hedged mazes

a lunacy persists to boggle
to confine

whereas simple answers
intellectuals despise while hailing the ‘alien’
as the elevated mind.

Preaching old values
which worked out ‘just fine’
as white sheets fresh scented
flapping wondrously in backyard breezes
secured tightly on the antiquated line

while parents taught manners
to refine and define

this sniffed at
as candles

burnt out in time.

Choices made
do not need to nullify progression

just weight out what wins
alleviating anger
crippling aggression.

Imperfect all

short-lived too. As ‘mists appearing
and disappearing’

yes valued by few.

We sigh.
We groan.

Mourn greatly
in this our darkest hour

as an intelligent being
wields dastardly power.

Yet, tables are spinning
under a righteous wind

and mountains will crash.

Let this victory begin!

Then the winner will wipe out
all wickedness as chaff

while a minority of meek ones
were taught how to laugh in joy
because of hearing and heeding global ‘Good News’

although a sea turbulent churns up
rebellion and war

His Rule

claiming ‘God’ on each side
counting lives; keeping score?


a King just and perfect
will correct all
that mankind

did selfishly permit.

Reprogramming to new
all tainted and abused

before any lunatic hits
a cataclysmic


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