In This Present World



this world rocks
unstable on its base

in perpetual darkness
the nations reeling
as they angrily try to run
the race for power
puppeteered by an angry
demon spirit

wielding a powerful destructive hand.
Slapping us with everything immoral
as the meek seek to keep a humble face.

During our brief space of existence
we must navigate
through turbulent foamy seas
toward a horizon brightly risen in the distance
promising us an endless
and steady true peace.

Yes, real security.

On our vessels


loaded down,
filled with mistrust

we must speedily lighten our load
of vicious reviling,
hateful actions
and ungodly destructive lusts.

For weighted down we hazard drowning
if not a lifeguard on patrol.

We must strip off every vileness
and wear a girdle called control.

To resist this wicked spirit
permeating mass hearts and minds,
we must meditate on the ‘real life.’

In His Word this hope we’ll find.

Prophecies written centuries behind us
ease our tears caused by death and crime.

For our loved ones will be reunited
and everyone’s manner will please to be
persons good

in imitation of Christ Jesus
who mimicked perfectly

His Father


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