She Started to Sing

She Started to Sing


As her spirit slipped slowly from her tortured soul
her mind grasped whispered beloved soft words
she’d everyday read, thus in essence, visually heard:

“Remember, how much I really love you.
No one can love you more than I do.

Wherever you are is wherever I’ll be.
Just please,

I must hear from you in

Yes daily and often
if you’d continue to be

wise, happy, loved and truly free.”

Mouthing those words seen in her mind’s eye
from her Father, this giant, she silently cried.

For in loyalty she failed him.
Thus wanted to die

since giving an enemy her heart betrayed,

her only valid, though sadly lacking

Prepared for a cold world are parental endeavors.
Naïve and innocent worn youthful fine feathers

needing strengthening to successfully fly

but intelligence, yes pride
readies them eager to try.

Yet, lips whispering gently
bent close to the ear
tickles sweet fancies
diminishes fear
as persons in darkness
learn what girls would hear

to let down the drawbridge
to possess guarded rears.

And when breached the walls
then swollen their rivers

swirling with confused,
frightened, or angry tears.

This happens to beauties,
intelligent too, when sought love from others
to confidence boost

since time fleeing forward
clocks ticking do rule.

But, just know that One who loves all
has provided pure proof

that the future will give
you the love that you seek
if only His guidance
in truth you do peek.

For promised: “You open your hand
And satisfy the desire of every living thing.”

Words written only an Almighty to powerfully bring
to fruition.

This prophesy remembered lifted her weariness
to further explore and in joyfulness soar.

Since an eternal King loves her.
She started to sing.


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