Outside side windows dense blackness gleaned as through tunnel we speed
while beside narrow aisles seated various type plays funneled indeed

before me: Lovers old, many young, same or opposite sex snuggle or struggle as to what to flex next; as suited men smoke while puffing their lies and some homeless folk peek out from hidden disguise, though fetor wafts give whereabouts, yet not explaining just why.

Vices as dices still tossed for few dimes, keep eyes focused inward
for sinners in actions or active in mind; although church bell rung distant with pastors who chime. For ‘truth’ once hidden; unveiled; now’s the time.

No flinging forward as unstopped ears don’t cope with any loud screech of brakes. No sniff of rank whiff of smoke; and no choke or intake; though a conductor speaks of a child on the track and of a Father that spoke:

“My son as a ransom I give to show my deep love. A sacrifice great made from heavens above. Please show sincere gratitude for his life given. I’ll of sins even scarlet forgive if you sincerely repent. For an eternity to keep living.”


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