Our Battle

Our Battle


Our battle


spiritual armor our best defense
as a bleakness worldwide
drains the soul.

Life eternal
heavenly or earthly
a Christian’s goal.

Forward onward
oh his people armored up
though with no false steeple to control

hungry masses

angry crowds
as foaming waves
to distant shores thrashes.

Forward marching
straight ahead

through this majority


But, the Word of God
wielded as swords pierces deeply
reaching inwards

seeks God’s love
undeserved, yet, mercifully expressed

as received

His benevolent

So spiritual soldiers resist a world emboldened
leaving wicked marks. Striking his blows,

not against the wind

his relationship with his Creator
He staunchly defends.

Not with lip service does he pretend
to honor the Almighty, who will universally win
against wicked sons dishonored.

A righteous soldier
Christ Jesus, his loyal one


In imitation of this model
true believers of him follow

not to carry the literal sword in battle.

A neutral stand
will not their courage

To love his fellow man
is not

considered shallow.

For a clean white garb
worn in justice and loyalty
by all obedient humanity beating
“Swords into plowshares”

will deem them worthy

to live in
“brotherly love and affection”
with fellow soldiers equally dressed

in love truly possessed

from now into eternity!

“Let the heavens rejoice!”
Then soon our earth will too

as the battle is not ours to fight.

Christ and His heavenly army
will loving justice
for us


with the Almighty’s backing
and powerful might.


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