The Mediator

The Mediator


In misery we’d forever be
in darkness. Such a tragedyif great love for us had not interceded.
In our behalf

their willing spirits unselfishly

Granted a purpose
instantly began

when man became imperfect
on demon demand.

A seed promised to crush his head
the symbolic serpent cursed to end–

Him and his breed
eventually dead.

Centuries of heartache
bled men in horror.

Blatant disobedience gonged

accentuating every second
on the hour.

So a Mosaic Law code
to a High Priest led.

His one time sacrifice spiritual freedom fed

to nations future prophesied through Abraham bred
though wicked iniquities worldwide did spread.

So this mediator or Intercessor
between two parties became a link


to reconcile to a standing clean
by means of splattered blood to validate

his pure offering.

“For there is one God,
and one mediator

between God and men,
a man, Christ Jesus”–

a marvelous spiritual director.

Yes, through Christ’s blood sacrifice
to God atoned

144, 000 with the Almighty and Mighty in heaven
will be their eternal lasting

heavenly home

whereas ‘the great crowd’ will in peace
possess the earth

which can forever be
their glorious dwelling

“before the throne”.

No longer to universally
sigh and groan.

To a Loving Father
and His beloved Son

it is a grand honor
to them wholeheartedly


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