“Happy are the merciful,
since they will be shown mercy.”

“Shown mercy.”

Earned: Mercy shown.

Do we really need to be shown mercy?
a question internationally bemoaned.

Indeed!… Which of us truly can say
“Never am I wrong?”

Tossing out rude thoughts loud to heaven as golden rain
while fleeing from you companionable friendships
in willing compromise gained

since arrogance breeds no HOV lanes
to wiz through with pals
to anywhere
in joy.

Rather, with nostril’s flared
pointed high

to intensify
a sneering downcast eye

it’ll be near impossible
to eliminate intense rapport strain

utmost physiological pain


to gloss over
vicious words spit freely

in arrant distain
of subservient brains.

That is…

if not transgressing against
ones merciful

imitating a Father wonderful
who day-to-day shows
his faithful children

how not
to live life

making worship of him

in vain.


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