We Pray


We Pray

A battle rages continuously
into these turbulent nights
for “unalienable rights”–not to be transferred, nor sold
as our Creator benevolent, righteous, just,
each individual a vessel entrusted
to hold eternally: life, liberty, happiness.

So why this vile coldness taken hostage our world?

Why does blood sprinkle or gush, swirl
upon our land
as if hands or hearts pushed into metal fans whirling
to mankind cripple from extending brotherly help
to all successfully stand?

How does one exit this dense fog,
this black ink spilled as oil upon a verdant soil


degenerate in its consummation wholly of man’s integrity
once available in the highest courts of justice
upon sincere humane demand?

There exists a mental darkness
alienated from the life, the light that belongs to God

because of an ignorance that feeds one.

An insensitivity
that breeds in one’s heart.

Evil feeds on ignorance.

As the apostle Paul reputed as a gentle, affectionate man expending himself unselfishly grand in his service of Christian brothers

once “breathing threat and murder”
against this very same band

once admitted:

“I was ignorant,”
although formerly he had “a zeal for God;

but not according to accurate knowledge.”

Today, many sincere people too
engage in atrocious acts
due to a lack of correct understanding

God’s will
to do.

Cautioned Christ’s followers:

“The hour is coming when everyone that kills you
will imagine he has rendered a sacred service to God.

But they will do these things
because they have not come to know
either the Father or me.”

Liberties, property and/or lives stolen,
not even borrowed

from subjects loving, obedient in lands subjugated to abject violence to an accelerated degree.

Sure, persecutors many
profess servitude to God and Jesus; blessed.

Yet influenced by false religious beliefs plus traditions
they exercise injustices without requisite contrition.

However, returning evil for evil is not how Christians follow Jesus’ exhortation: “Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those persecuting you.”

We hope
pray for changes of heart,
as did Saul,

so that recognized
“inalienable rights” of many
will speedily push through.


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