Why Care

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Luxurious pristine sandy beaches
sported by vacationing millionaire players
suddenly swarmed by violent waters swirling
drowning residents,all inundated
by towering aquatic slayers

now our tragic eternal norm?

Global warming spawning devastation fearsome, alarming

though drawing thrill-seekers desiring to famously surf death dealing Tsunamis?

Deforestation triggered by consumers chasing latest mass-produced celebrity bred expensive adornments tossed yesterday upon a pile of rejected once worn today raiment?

Don’t we individually have a loving accountability to regenerate green care for our environment shared?

If you agree, to what degree?

Spun earth’s natural cycles universally sound with humanity in mind a wise Creator created waste elimination, cleaning air, water, international grounds

with crystal clear streams over rocks to rinse away impurities from even cloths scarlet to white became under a sun’s brilliant gleam.

Should not our acts harmonize with these cleansing activities not selfishly ruin nature in highend greedy narcissistic hording attacks?

Shouldn’t we carefully not concede our gifted earth to environmental woes because of nonessential wants instead of daily needs?

Love our neighbor as ourselves means not viewing unlimited consumption of energy or other resources as a wasteful right,

or pushing poison such as caustic plastic causing an international blight.

Natural resources not be squandered simply for our delight.

With attitude same as Jesus exudes shouldn’t we practice in total might:

“When they had eaten their fill, he said to his disciples: “Gather together the fragments left over, so that nothing is wasted.”

“Taste and see that Jehovah is good”

by harmoniously living principles demonstrating a genuineness of care for our universal neighbors connected as we are in a conjoined neighborhood.

Are not our actions a cause to sit, contemplate, even upon to brood

so as to live the best life
extended to all obedient mankind
in loving brotherhood?



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