Musicality of divine words
exhaling simple truths

graciously tendered as symphonies resplendent
conveyed on intoxicating waves

of viable proof

enthralls those in humility drawn.
As Christ himself stated:

“No man
can come to me

the Father, who sent me,
draws him”

since mankind’s spirit of Satan spawns
an angry agitated black violent sea

of oblivious or indifferent
rebellious humanity

righteously hated


a loving just Creator’s
total annihilation
of international arrogant airs

of which a vast majority of humans
tragically share.

Entrusted to meek receptive hearts
absorbing melodic tunes of phrases

generously imparted

invoking ruminative
pensive musings

unabating till deeply
intensely rooted

bestowing seasons of growth


of thankfulness
spontaneously proclaimed
after visions of beauty
awe us to exclaim:

“You are worthy,
Jehovah our God,

to receive the glory
and the honor
and the power,

because you created all things,

and because of your will
they came into existence and were created.”

He deserves
engenders our trust.

Displaying loyalty to him
in all things

a must

as joyously
we unitedly sing praises

while awaiting the finality
of wickedness’ reign over everything.

But let us not forget:

“Jehovah is near
to all those calling on him,

To all who call on him in truth.”
In Sincerity. In reverential fear.

So dear ones,

“Search for Jehovah
while he may be found.

Call to him while he is near.”

This invitation extended for a mere
short time more around our globe.

It’s ring to honest-hearted
even to those or ours dearly departed?

Crystal Clear.

For a call to all
in obedience

to adhere

whether alive
at this system’s final end
or already

fallen asleep in death

God through Christ
will ensure lives of these



The Almighty’s Purpose:



“There are new heavens
and a new earth

that we are awaiting

according to his promise,

and in these

Righteousness Is To Dwell.”


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