That Glorious Day!

That Glorious Day!


As done in long ago days of ancient/old
praise because of salvation will again be sung
unitedly joyful,

internationally bold. Sounds of exultation. Sounds of rejoicing.

Voices of ones saying: “Give thanks to Jehovah of armies, for Jehovah is good;

his loyal love endures forever!”’ For “A nation that is keeping faithful conduct.” It definitely could!

Safeguarded–“those who fully lean on you;”

granted “them continuous peace,
because it is in you that they trust.” Thankfully,
anxious stress brought to tranquil ease.

“Trust in Jehovah forever,
For Jah Jehovah is the eternal Rock.”

Because he is upright,
paths of the righteous he will smooth.
In finality’s grateful end
wickedness’ rampage will be gloriously removed.

Although, for now as David extolled:

“In the night I long for you with my whole being,
Yes, my spirit keeps looking for you;

For when there are judgments from you for the earth,
The inhabitants of the land learn about righteousness.”

“For as the earth brings forth its sprouts
and as the garden makes what is sown in it sprout,
so will the Sovereign Lord Jehovah
cause righteousness and praise to sprout

before all the nations.”

Since, “even if the wicked is shown favor,
he will not learn righteousness. Even in the land of uprightness
he will act wickedly,

And he will not see the majesty of Jehovah.

O Jehovah, your hand is raised, but they do not see it.”

But, “they will see your zeal for your people
and be put to shame.

Yes, the fire for your adversaries will consume them.”

“O Jehovah, you will grant us peace,”

“O Jehovah our God,
other masters besides you have ruled over us,
But we make mention of your name alone.”

We pray before that day to come when you will say:

“Go, my people, enter your inner rooms,
And shut your doors behind you.

Hide yourself for a brief moment
Until the wrath has passed by.”

“For look! Jehovah is coming from his place
To call the inhabitants of the land to account for their error,
And the land will expose her bloodshed
And will no longer cover over her slain.”

“The righteous one will rejoice because he has seen the vengeance;

His feet will be drenched with the blood of the wicked.

Then men will say:
“Surely there is a reward for the righteous.

There is indeed a God who judges in the earth.””


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