Tyre Profaned

Tyre Profaned


Haughty became your heart.

Traversing great seas your promulgated art
as nations before you appeared

trading their treasures across a glorious sphere

they came. In abundance your gold plus silver
rained down as sand accumulated on a desert plane

causing you to proclaim: ‘I am a god.
I sit on the throne of a god in the heart of the sea.’

you sang because of perfect beauty.

“You were adorned with every precious stone

—Ruby, topaz, and jasper; chrysʹo·lite, onyx, and jade; sapphire, turquoise, and emerald;

And their settings and mountings were made of gold.”

So bold you claimed a mountainous name.

Selling God’s servants
in servitude to them utterly defame.

So prophesied of you:
“I will throw you down to the earth.

I will make you a spectacle before kings.”

Around the globe your destiny to ring.

To traders who adored a tragic shame.

But only to yourself did you have to blame
as pestilence then blood through your streets did flow.

As the slain did mount as festered hills did grow.
And God’s name ‘Jehovah’ they finally did know.

For the Almighty defends his people to show His prowess.
His saving grace to those treated with detest.

Surrounded by wicked ones in ardent protest
against any form of ‘ancient’ Godly righteousness.

But lo and behold!
A ‘true’ Deity to eternally bless
with personal homes, vibrant vineyards,

‘no more sickness’ to mankind’s regress.

An end to Adamic death
will ensure tranquility
peace. Yes! An end to daily immobilizing stress
imprisoning energies with deplorable chains of mental duress.

Yet, for those not undressing haughtiness
puffing out one’s chest
Remember: A high flung proclamation of ‘perfection in prettiness’
will not mesh with God required thoughts, actions, inwards

The ancient city of Tyre
ruined by prophetic decree
serves as a monument to elevate an international need:

Meek and humble as to Divine Laws heed.

For only “This is the way!” to Eternity in Life
happily proceed.


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