21st Century Love Scene III

21st Century Love . . . Andy & Aria’s [Scene III.]


Beginning: https://allpoetry.com/poem/13440684-21st-Century-Love-.-.-.–Andy—Arias-Story-by-Lucretia-Mccloud

Scene III.
Narrator: As a seasoned officer retreats towards hall’s end,
this blood curling howl as a wounded wolverine
did his stalwart spine bend.

Hesitating a moment more to fully comprehend,
if needed more backup his safety to defend.

But Andy sat rocking his cot at rapid pace. As if he had entered some secret quick race. Yet, any who could observe great distress in his face knew better than enter. Just leave him his space.

For Andy had dropped Aria’s letter
to his cell’s cement floor
when suddenly backing away from his prison’s iron door.
His trembling encountered
would leave his pride sore

if not for her message she him did implore:

I love you, dear Andy. Indeed still I do.
Although, if receiving this letter
our deaths did ensue.

But, please forgive yourself quickly in time.
For reasons you have to live–God’s love so divine…

This angered Andy more than his actions ever could.
For mentioning a Creator, Aria never should.

AndyHer newfound belief is what started a rift!
Now even in death her strong faith does persist!

Andy leaps from his corner like a tiger in attack! Grabs hold of her letter as if to sling it into a cavern or crack. Then suddenly his arms go limp. His back too in sorrow goes slack

as sobbing does grip him.
Drops him dead in his tracks.

For a vision does freeze him.

Aria arrives on the scene.

His arm reaches for her;
between bars he squeezes to lean.

He sees her in agony
after hearing her scream.

She rocking quickly on their carpeted studio floor. While he stands belligerent before her, this one he adores. Though, at the moment, his eyes blood red and his actions:

To demean.

She pleads him to recede if not leaving slick liquor alone.
But he was the master of his expensive home.

He lifted his hand to give her another quick whack. But she scurried out of reach. Snatched up her leather bag. Then fled from the kitchen into the black darkness

too hurt to look back.

Andy: Oh, Aria! I’m sorry. Forgive me! Please do.

Come back to me lovely! I’m lost without you…

Narrator: His words trailing away, for a doctor had entered the cell. Gave Andy a shot to him swiftly subdue. TO BE CONT’D. ..


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