We Pray

We Pray A battle rages continuously into these turbulent nights for “unalienable rights”–not to be transferred, nor sold as our Creator benevolent, righteous, just, each individual a vessel entrusted to hold eternally: life, liberty, happiness. So why this vile coldness taken hostage our world? Why does blood sprinkle or gush, swirl upon our land as … More We Pray


Deserving “Know that Jehovah Is God.” As you thankfully acknowledge each sweet breathe you joyously intake after a tragic accident diverted or you slipped to drown submerged in debris converged you miraculously suffocation escape. For, “We belong to him. We are his people and the sheep of his pasture.” Almighty is He our Glorious Master. … More Deserving


Not Compromised Hollowed out cyphered empty after suffering crippling agony yes intense its pain which twisted my psyche so viciously. Contorted me. Inane my brain. I cried out for you in the bleakness. Received demons my soul to drain. While writhing in harrowed darkness continued hoping, I thought in vain. Now I feel your love … More NOT COMPROMISED


  [ Flight. ] Flight. Fight. Wise when traversing moonless nights flee wickedness’s magnetic vice’s might yet, under tyranny’s harshest light clutch firmly truth, justice divine right. Cower not in appalling fright. Instead defend life-sustaining righteous slights stretching men’s spines to gigantuous heights. Beaming Creator’s pride in pure delight despite enduring international slanderous blights. 50 … More Flight


“Happy are the merciful, since they will be shown mercy.” “Shown mercy.” Earned: Mercy shown. Do we really need to be shown mercy? a question internationally bemoaned. Indeed!… Which of us truly can say “Never am I wrong?” Tossing out rude thoughts loud to heaven as golden rain while fleeing from you companionable friendships in … More Merciful

The Mediator

The Mediator In misery we’d forever be in darkness. Such a tragedyif great love for us had not interceded. In our behalf their willing spirits unselfishly pleaded. Granted a purpose instantly began when man became imperfect on demon demand. A seed promised to crush his head the symbolic serpent cursed to end– Him and his … More The Mediator

Our Battle

Our Battle Our battle daily intense spiritual armor our best defense as a bleakness worldwide drains the soul. Life eternal heavenly or earthly a Christian’s goal. Forward onward oh his people armored up though with no false steeple to control hungry masses angry crowds as foaming waves to distant shores thrashes. Forward marching straight ahead … More Our Battle