The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Five (first draft)–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Forty-Four-Part-B–first-by-Lucretia-Mccloud With Wayne’s hospitalization and imprisonment of body and mind Sabrina decided on campus to intensify her work of highlighting a marvelous Creator benevolent, yes kind. So, though a frigid chill oft times during mornings filled the air she donned her camel-colored parka, hooded with fur matching … More

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Thirty-Eight (first draft)–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Thirty-Seven–first-draf-by-Lucretia-Mccloud“Sabrina, wake up!” Kim shook her excitedly from sleep.“We must get to the hospital,” she urges Sabrina.“Wayne was just brought into emergency,”her words bearing a repeat.“What?… Emergency!” Sabrina wakes suddenlyaching of head. Yet, springs up throwing off her quiltthen hurriedly pulling on boots and jacket over her … More

Indeed, [ Indeed, ] Indeed,asked: How can this be?Both saintliness and terrorism feddaily mankind feedsupon a book readpromoting divine qualitiesproducing a glorious hopeor causing our earthin violence to profusely bleedthrough extreme crueltyspearheadedby diverse culturesor crippling creeds?Darwin himself grievedover his daughter deceasedalong with his“visceral distaste”for the doctrine of hellfireby pagandom conceivedthrough which Christendomalso, members further deceivedalthough, Biblically … More

Tree of Knowledge 

Tree of Knowledge i.indeed said:“Man, born of woman,Is short-lived and filled with trouble.He comes up like a blossom and then withers away;He flees like a shadow and disappears.”ii.alas!… there she stoodbone of mine honed exquisiteflesh perfection to behold… my own,beloveda queen beeproducing nectar sweetas we strolled giddyjuices of many fruit-bearing treesdripped from our lipsteasing,whispering close … More Tree of Knowledge 

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Four (first draft)

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Four (first draft)–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Forty-Three–first-draft-by-Lucretia-Mccloud Sabrinarobed in tattered floral cottonballed in comfort in her bedroom window box, with cooling hot coco in handrecalled:She and Mr. Kang walked the longest short distance down a chilly hospital hall active with saving energy, antiseptically cleansedas a Mr. Kang changed,now kindly gentle to herproclaimed:“Education should help … More The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Four (first draft)

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Three (first draft)

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Three (first draft)–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Forty-Two–first-draft–by-Lucretia-MccloudWhen Sabrina recognized Wayne’s fathers’ feetshe readily bounces up, “Mr. Kang!”as he extends his hand.“Sabrina. Let me apologize.You too are suffering, I realize.”Amazed, Sabrina at this offering sweet.With that statement Sabrina’s eyes anew with tears filleddown her cheeks to generously spill.“Awww… Mr. Kang!”she grabs whole of him with … More The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Three (first draft)

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Two 

The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Two (first draft)–A-Revelation-…-Chapter-Forty-One–first-draft–by-Lucretia-MccloudDays on end spinned heavily, even wearilywith Wayne in his medically induced comaprogressing minimally.Although, initially, frustration and craving to see Wayne without any delay caused Sabrina to visualize:She’d befriend a worker who’d loved to seerocky paths of young love wild and free,blocked by their elders’ belligerent sway,swept … More The Apocalypse–A Revelation … Chapter Forty-Two