Worth An Eye or Hear


A Light in the Night

Night owls hoot; squirrels escaped crows play.
A quiet calm heightens my fears.
Then winds increase. I kneel to pray:
More moons please race around my sphere.

If death arrives I’ll fall asleep,
a peaceful night without the dreams.
For night becomes a time to weep,
a time to rest from what it seems.

Sweet musings once of youthful pasts,
the fragrance of sweet memories gone.
Windows rattle the darkened glass.
A reflection shown a face sin wronged.

When clouds appear to block my sight,
and rain is falling all around,
no light is there to guard the night,
I read his word, the light I found.

Though night is black as darkest ink,
I stumble round and hold so tight.
A crack of light my eyes will blink,
a beam of truth appears so bright.

A horizon I envision
with rainbows to glisten; to shine.
Highlighted our God’s provisions
to erase death from all mankind.